Just for Laughs, Not for Real Life


Just for Laughs, Not for Real Life

Paul commented that the cartoon strip that appeared at the right side of my blog is intriguing. But it is very small, he added.

Well, for a good read, here is the larger version. Forgive me if it’s not big enough to be readable on the screen. I actually drew it without thinking of posting it. Weird of me, huh!


Thank You


Many thanks to all who continue to follow my blog! I promise to continue making you laugh or smile with the series even for just a moment of your day.

Made for Humor

The following content is originally posted at Jokes Are Free and is being re-posted in this with full permission.

This site jokesarefree.wordpress.com ) first published its first public strips online in August of 2012 and gained distinction in the blogging community with its unique and humor-packed graphic content. It initially gained 20 followers and it is still counting to date. Thus, it has gotten more requests of officially compiling all of its published comic content in its official site.

An Answer to Your Call

As an answer to these requests, the contributors or online assistants of Jokes Are Free decided to produce this experimental E-book prior its anniversary date. Consider it as a way of saying “thank you” to its avid readers.

This E-book contains comic strips featuring only the original and mainstay characters created by Jokes Are Free, besides The Bits* characters since its debut. It is packed with the same sense of humor so readers can smile, laugh and enjoy every dash of humor herein.

Get a Free Copy!

Here are ways for you to get a FREE copy of this “Made for Humor.”

  1. Directly download the .PDF file here.
  2. Read the E-book in a large-screen format in this link.
  3. Quickly skim or read in the plugin below.